How to resolve window explorer not responding issue when processing cases in RPA


Can anyone advise as to why the internet explorer (Win 10 , IE11) does not respond intermittently whenever we process our use cases through RPA?

This issue has been quite persistent whenever we process our cases on the RPA front-end robot. Usually the delay due to internet explorer not responding is pretty long, and length of time which the window not responding varies from time to time and it occurs unpredictably. And as a result, RPA abort the task and throw out timeout/exception message. This has resulted in a lot of inefficiency whenever we process our cases via RPA (i.e. we have to re-run the RPA script up to as many as 4- 5 times or even more times in order to process the RPA job successfully).

We have tried to set delays, element exist and retry scope etc to the RPA script however still face with such issue.

Is there any other way to overcome the issue to enable RPA to continue to retry and action and not abort the task after the ‘window not responding’ msg has passed. Also, is there any other application to tell RPA to perform the action until it is done. Or is there any special element within the existing applications which I should take note of when using so as to over the above mentioned issue?

SOS and thank you for helping!