How to resolve this usecase with best solution


I already tried with my solution and i want to compare with best ways of solutions. Please Provide with a .xaml file.

Please check the Usecase

Casey is a weather report Analyst lead whose team has lot of repetitive work to be done manually every day. When we approached her with our RPA offerings, she was very excited about RPA and its capabilities and how it can reduce a lot of man hours for her and her team. She wanted to see how an RPA bot works and how it can automate all their repetitive work.

Please find the below step by step instructions to automate.

Step 1: The input excel contains number of sheets with different city name
Step 2: Read the sheet name from the excel using the bot
Step 3: Navigate to
Step 4: Enter the city name read from the excel sheet and paste it in search box, press enter
Step 5: Extract the table containing Weather details of the city and paste it in the respective sheet
Step 6: Extract data from the table on the right side(today & tomorrow’s weather) for each city. Dynamically read the name of the day.

input.xlsx (10.4 KB)
output.xlsx (13.8 KB)

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