How to resolve this System.aggregation.exception

I worked close with Kavita on this and she is very busy. So give her some time for the feedback. But I can give some preview on the solution.

Scenario: Issues handling / preventing for implementing a reliable approach for IE Downloadings
Background: Click.Genric.Errors, Clicks without effet etc. can occur along other side effects

Solution Approach:

  • Make the implementation solid by get synchronized firstly with the apperance of the download bar.
  • synchronize the bot on reliable indicators for the sequent steps

Just a simple example for my statement:

  • Elements exists on download Prompt (the yellow Box Open,Save, Cancel) is not reliable
    After the first download the prompt bar exists always, but is displayed or not

So you can have a first impression what I mean, the challenge is to be taken different to get a reliable solution

@KavithaManohar You will rock the BOT :hammer:

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