How to resolve this System.aggregation.exception

Can you please show entire selector text? Thanks

Selector looks fine. Assumed that name like Save, Title are matching. It could happen, that UiPath is firing too fast the click activity and the entire download prompbar is not already loaded (same for button). In such a case synchronize the bot with IE and wait for the Download Prompt Bar is fully loaded. You can simulate / Check with a delay before.

Hi @KavithaManohar

First click on Download Notification Bar and then click on Save button

Ashwin S

I tried this method…but still the same issue.:frowning:

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I gave delay before as 5000 and also tried with Simulate…but still the same issue.

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On properties click on complete on WaitForReady!!!

I need to Save not “save as”…then what hot keys, do I need to send for that.

tried with complete, none, interactive…but still the same issue:(

This is occuring in Level 3 assignment 2 ?

no my office project


Clear the History of website Browser and try once…

I usually avoid IE because of the complexity of these type of issue!!!

I’ll suggest switch to chrome if you are not far ahead in development

Please find attached workflow, make sure you update the (14.8 KB)

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After our session from Yesterday once you have worked out the solution can you please provide the feedback on your changes. So others can benefit from

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I totally agree with what you are stating!!!

@KavithaManohar Please mark the reply as solution :slight_smile:

I worked close with Kavita on this and she is very busy. So give her some time for the feedback. But I can give some preview on the solution.

Scenario: Issues handling / preventing for implementing a reliable approach for IE Downloadings
Background: Click.Genric.Errors, Clicks without effet etc. can occur along other side effects

Solution Approach:

  • Make the implementation solid by get synchronized firstly with the apperance of the download bar.
  • synchronize the bot on reliable indicators for the sequent steps

Just a simple example for my statement:

  • Elements exists on download Prompt (the yellow Box Open,Save, Cancel) is not reliable
    After the first download the prompt bar exists always, but is displayed or not

So you can have a first impression what I mean, the challenge is to be taken different to get a reliable solution

@KavithaManohar You will rock the BOT :hammer:

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This is the screenshot for the solution given by ppr.

Thanks a lot Peter!..This logic helped me a lot to resolve my issue in a simple way.

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