How to resolve this issue

Error : first time I have created a folders and subfolders inside my drive using the bot.Then I have deleted one of the sub folder. when I am again running the bot the deleted sub folders are not able to create. Because the subfolders are in bin. Even it is in bin also I need to create in a parent folder.

HI @brahmaiahgogula6677

Whenever you start running the process you can delete the Trash folder and then try to create the sub folder.

Checkout this thread and implement the steps in the beginning of the process

Hope this Helps!


Hello @brahmaiahgogula6677

Is it mandatory for you to delete the folder or do you need to clear the items in the folders?

If its mandatory then only option is to clear the Trash and then creating the subfolder.


@Sudharsan_Ka :Without deleting in the trash is there any other way

Yes @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I think No other way @brahmaiahgogula6677


Are you trying to search if folder already exists prior to creating new one and if yes then are you setting ‘trashed=false’ in search parameters?


"'"+FolderID+"' in parents and trashed=false and mimeType = 'application/'"