How to resolve the given key was not present in the dictionary?

Good day, everyone!

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have two workflows with nearly identical values:

First WorkFlow

Second WorkFlow

Screenshot of my Config File

Everything appears to be in order, but I’m still getting this problem for my Second Workflow, despite the fact that the input arguments are nearly identical.

I’ve done everything I can to compare and see if something is incorrect, but I’m still puzzled.
I’d be grateful if someone could help me resolve this.

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Kakooza Allan Klaus

Check if there is any extra space in the fields in the config excel which is causing this issue

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There is none @Lak_Ui
You can clearly see it in my config file screenshot that I’ve shared

Hello @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

Can you please share the config file here.

If not please check TotalInvoicepath & TotalPdfPath in the config file. Verify no extra space is there.
Also make sure the file path which you have provided is correct.

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Okay buddy,

Config.xlsx (24.2 KB)


The config file seems to be correct. As you are getting error only for the second flow. Is it going inside the workflow 2 and failing or before to that itseld failing.
If that is the case, can you give some values to argument, instead of config and check whetehr you are getting the same error.

can you send your project as .zip ? @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus

It fires the error before entering into workflow 2 and when I use debug and input values normally it works

Lower case L and capital i look the same because of the font. Have you verified that you have not mixed them?

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Can you print all the Config variables and check whether it is throwing error.
Its throwing the error before going to workflow 2 means some key is wrong in the config file or you have used different key in the arguments.

Just try to print all the values before to workflow2. if its failing. Then copy the same names from config and paste it inside the in_Config.

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check the key name may be you missed something or debug and see from watch panel that key is present or not

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there might be hidden whitespace characters in the value fields
try copy them to a notepad and see if any whitespace characters are showing

e.g. if you copy
in_Config("TotalInvoicePath").ToString to notepad it might show
in_Config("TotalInvoicePath ").ToString

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