How to reset a 'System.Collections.Generic.List1[System.Net.Mail.MailMessage] Variable?

Hello briliant minds!

My loop keeps bringing to me values from last iteration.

In my loop it is downloading a PDF from the email and keeps with that PDF forever, even if I remove it from the folder. It keeps downloading new PDF but processes only the first one used.

So, mail idea is try to set the default value from my ‘System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Net.Mail.MailMessage]’ variable to 0 before it goes to the inbox again


This is possible?? Thank you

please share some more details from your implementation (screenshots), thanks

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Hello dear @ppr

This is my schema

Actually i found this code to reset that variable

new List(Of System.Net.Mail.MailMessage)

But there is no way to clear the old loop value, it remains with the same pdf forever. But keeps downloading new ones

we like to avoid Flowcharts if it can be done within sequences with the same functionality, as we can work and model faster (less expand clicks to do)

Maybe a pattern (simplified for demo purpose) as following will help:

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Hello @ppr , Thank you for replying

It still with same behavior

I have a similar expression that returns a boolean value before i pass your expression


There is any problem to have both?

This is very frustrating, the program can do 10 loops with the same PDF but still downloading new ones.

describe your issue different from top to bottom
refered to the for each approach with filtered MailMessage (Screenshot from above)

  • get emails - Working?
  • iterate over the emails - Working
  • save attachment - how is it done / implemented
  • desscribe next steps / what to do next?

Thanks, this will help us to locate the issue and give some recommendations

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