How to resave PDF?

I am trying to read editable document, but bot was unable to read, it show Unexpected PDF structure. I think if we resave the PDF it will solve.
Can any one help me out?


Better to use the rename file activity to rename the pdf file.

Hope it helps!!


  1. Open the PDF file using a PDF reader or editor, such as Adobe Acrobat or a suitable alternative.
  2. Go to the “File” menu and select the “Save As” or “Save As Other” option.
  3. Choose a new file name or location to save the PDF file.
  4. Click “Save” to resave the PDF file with a fresh structure.

Delete the existing pdf And from the source send Ctrl+S Hotkey
And save it to the preferred location


Could you also make sure if you are actually reading a PDF document ? Is the PDF also present with other document type files in the same folder ?

Do also try hardcoding the file path and check whether it works.

@mkankatala , No its is not working

hi @rlgandu
I am processing PDF by bot, without doing Manuelly bot itself do that.
Thank you

Hi @supermanPunch
I am reading the only PDF by page count, exception msg is UiPath.Documentunderstanding.Digitizer.Exception.PdfException


Read the pdf with read pdf text activity pagecount is used for getting the pagenumber of the pdf