How to Reply the OutlookmailMessage by different Subject?

While receiving the mailmessages i need to reply the same emailID by different subject?

can any one guide me…

Create the Subject message in variable and assign that variable in Subject?

I didn’t get you @satheeshkumar.a1

You want to read the email and based on the mail came, you want to change the subject line and send it through right? Give more details. Are you using Outlook?

What i said if you want to use different subject then u can use variable over there in the subject and variable value you can change it whatever you want.

Can u please Elaborate the steps? @satheeshkumar.a1
How to use different variable over that?

option 1 :-

If you have a list of defined subjects which you need to check , we can easily do it with filter option

Ex:- “[Subject]=Daily Report”

like wise you can filter and do it


You can loop all mail and check in condition for particular subject, if it is true, Reply back with the mail

@karthick I need to give replay mail by Different Subject name to Sender.

Hi Keerthi

The Reply to outlook option doesn’t have the option to change the subject . You can only specify the Body.

However , you can try this way . Incase , if you want to reply to a particular Mail. the WA i can suggest is . You can save the contents of the mail , From , To ,Subject ,Body in variables

And use send outlook Mail Message activity and use the variables in the body to format the mail to look like a reply.

If this is not feasible , you can check some C# or code to do the same .!


Did you get answer to this?

Hi Keerthi
I am also looking for the same scenario, need to change the subject line while replying mail in outlook. Did you have any solution for this ?
Please help !!

Unfortunately, it looks like there is nothing built-in yet for custom subjects in outlook replies.

BUT, another alternative could be used, which is to create a reply message similar to the one generated by outlook.

By using the normal send outlook message activity with the following properties, we are able to send something similar to the outlook message:


I hope this helps.


Thank a lot, it really helps !!

My pleasure!