How to Replace Words In a Text File

How to Replace specific Words In a Text File and save it as XML file

For replace u can use the string method Replace to replace the specific words…

Regarding the xml, can u share the sample text file which u need to convert to xml

AndroidManifest.xml (950 Bytes)TextFile.txt (12 Bytes)

in the android manifest file, there will be an android:label=“FIREBASE OTP”

that firebase OTP should be replaced by text which is in text file

I will say you my requirements clearly see

I’m having 2 files one is a text file and another one is an XML file…

In-text file there is a text ‘android’

And in XML file there is text “document”

Now I want to replace the “document” word which is in XML file…with Android letter which is in text file.

Hey you can use textfileoutput.replace(“document”,“android”)

can I provide text file solution because I do not have any xml file

ok sure

Here I am attaching file please find

Main.xaml (10.1 KB)

Hi @Ajit_Chowdary
Answer for your solution is here
Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

Mark it as solution if it helps you

Nived N

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