How to replace uipath activity from many xaml file?


I want to replace one activity through out the 5+ xamls which are getting invoked in REFramework.
is there any activity which can find the activity and replace with new.

The framework is not that large. Which activity are you looking for to replace?
And may i ask why cause the framework is pretty wel setup.

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Its not possible to replace activity. Do it manually only.

Hi @Mansi_08,

Its impossible to replace at a time.
You need to do saparately

I know REF isnot wide, but I am invoking alomost 12 xamls which is having the send outlook activity and I want to replace the outlook activity with send exchange activity. so it became tedious for me now.

hence I have created a xaml file and invoking the file, updating the keys ,arguments.

but still the question is : is there any feature in tool that can help me in finding and replacing the activity globally inside one REF ?

thank you, I have also digged into the tool , I can not find the feature of in uipath to find the activity and replace it with new :).

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