How to replace the "C;" to "C:" for excel save

UIPath Error

Hi Everyone,

Can you please help to replace the highlighted string with “:” string.
I have used replace function in the text but it woun’t work.

Thank you !

Hi @Karampuri_Sathish1 ,

The syntax is yourstring.Replace(“C;”,“C:”)

Could you please provide more details about your workflow or about what exactly isn’t working? Perhaps the issue is somewhere else

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Hi Marius,

When the insert image in excel It give error. below is workflow.

UIPath Error

Function i am using is : Environment.CurrentDirectory+“"+row.Item(1).ToString+”.png".ToString.Replace(“;”,“:”)

I think you want to replace earlier, not to the PNG part. Anyway it looks like a workaround, why you have semikolon after drive letter?

Hi Moenk,

I am always getting “;” character when i insert image. i want to insert “:” character instead of “;”.

Hi @Karampuri_Sathish1 ,

It seems to be enough:

Hi Marius,

Initially i have enter this one only but when try to insert image in excel. Then i got “;” instead of “:”.

I want like this "c:" instead of "c;" or “c;|” i got these error.

UIPath Error

This is the error i have recieved.

Hi @Karampuri_Sathish1 ,

Environment.CurrentDirectory will return the path where your .xaml file is located, and I’m not sure that your images are there

I would replace Environment.CurrentDirectory with some kind of a constant, the directory where your images are

Best regards,

Hi @Marius_Puscasu Yes i have store same place where .xaml file stored.


IF you are still getting as C; then follow as below

I’m getting C: as required, but in your case you are saying it is displaying as C;

Then as above assign entire path to a variable and try to replace as you required

Hope this helps you


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Hi @Srini84 I am getting same error still. Can you please suggest another solution.

Try with this:


I have tried this but still i am getting same error.

It seems like it’s a bug with the Type Into activity. Have you tested to change the input method to SimulateType or SendWindowMessages?


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