How to Replace Something From string

I have to remove @ from a string i used .replace but it is not working please find attached image

Hi @Alok_Dwivedi ,

That is not actually a part of the string, its just how the bot interprets long strings.

If you were to log it onto the console, you will notice that the @ disappears.
Could you give that a try, using the Log Message Activity?

By the way, if you were referring to the newline, you can eliminate it using this:


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Ashwin A.K

Hi @Alok_Dwivedi

Try with Replace

StrMy.Replace("@"," ").ToString



hi @Alok_Dwivedi

that “@” doest not be inside you string, if you take a look it is outside, all you need to do is to add a .trim at the end of your variable and thats all.

Hope it helps

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@fernando_zuluaga Thanks it is working

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