How to replace old user record with new record if data in same excel

Hi all,
I need help to resolve below issue. I have one excel file, contain same person information.

Example scenario and data as per below.

  1. In the system when I search Stella record, it will show the Stella’s old record with referring to ID: 222333. After I found Stella’s record, I want to replace Stella’s record with new record with referring to ID:444455.

If record of the user contain status=“0” and JobDesc=“Integration: default posi” this user will have two record and need to replace with new record.

ID FullName Status JobDesc
222333 Stella 0 Integration: default posi (old record)
444455 Stella 3 MANAGER (new record)
222334 Jenny 3 Executive
222335 Jeffrey 3 Supervisor

Note: In one excel file might have 20 records and from the 20 records maybe will have 2 or 3 user need to replace with new record.

Thanks in advance.


You can achieve this with following Activity.

Excel application Scope
Read Range Activity
For Each row

Then get all the headers using Get row item then place if condition to validate your criteria:
if your condition is met, replace the same new record in the same row of excel or data table .

Srenivasan Kannan