How to replace " by blank space?


I have the next string: Hi there " this is me

I would like to replace the symbol " into a blank space so that the string will be: Hi there this is me

How could I do it?

I tried to do it like: string.replace(“”“,” ") but it does not work

If MyString is your string with "Hi there '' this is me", you can use the following to replace the text: MyString.Replace("'' ", String.Empty).

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thanks for your answer. The point is that my string has " not ’ ’

String.replace(@“”“,” “)
String.Replace(”"“,” ")

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This should work
String.Replace(""""," ")

if it doesnt then this should work:
String.Replace(chr(34), " ")

and if it doesn’t … dude, just kill me :joy:


let us know which one worked for you out of the two solutions given by @SenzoD


They both work, and they are both just the same thing the double-quote character is represented by 34 in the ASCII code.

Chr(34) == "

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Okie. Much thanks :slight_smile:

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