How to rename the Attachments and save them?

Hi All,
I have saved the attachments in folder from mail, But how to rename those attachments with particular name?

Hi @Shivaraj

Use click activity and select the file and use send hot key activity as F2 and type the file name


Yeah it is working … but it is in folder how i should navigate to that folder ?

Thanks @AshwinS2

Hi @Shiva_Raj
Use send hot key as window r and type the path u LL go to that folder


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Hi Shiva Raj,

Use Move File activity to rename a file. Refer for more details.


In From-Path property mention full path of file. ex: “C:\Users\xyz\Downloads\NameBefore.xlsx”.

In To-Destination property mention file path with the new name as per your requirement. ex: “C:\Users\xyz\Downloads\NameAfter.xlsx”.

Check Overwrite property.



Yeah Thanks i got it .

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