How to rename package ID

Hi all, need a help from you guys.

I’m trying to publish the robot, however there is an error saying “Error: The package ‘Shipment_Correction_(GB)’ contains invalid characters. Examples of valid package IDs include ‘MyPackage’ and ‘MyPackage.Sample’.”

I believe it is because of the bracket in the name. So now how do you rename my package?

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Change project id in project.json that’s located in main directory of your project.


Hi, thanks for your idea. But I’m unable to open the project json file. How do i got with it now?

Have you tried with notepad? Its just a text file.

I encountered the same trouble.
I solved it by changing the word from () to another word or delete.

Before ‘Shipment_Correction_(GB)’
After ’Shipment_Correction_GB’

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