How to rename file to dynamic names


Can you try it using invoke code,

Ok I upgraded the packages and now I can see ‘Rename File’ activity in my studioX. Thank you.
However, I tried to make the file name unique by naming it as shown in the image but the timestamp ‘hhmmss’ is not shown in the file name.


Thank you for your suggestion! I will try it.

Hey @winne.oo
Try This.
string.Format(“{0}\Test “+now.tostring(“ddMMyyyy_hhmmss”)+”.xlsx”, Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.DesktopDirectory))

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Hello @winne.oo

is it worked?

Is it worked?

Hii @sb001 sorry for the late reply. The solution you gave, it works !! The date and time is showing as the filename. Thank you!

Hii @Sanghavi yes it worked !

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