How to rename a screenshot

Hi all,

I have a data table and my script is to read line by line of the data in this file and fill up a form in a URL.
After filling up the form, my bot will take a screenshot. I have used an InvokeWorkflowFile to take screenshot. How can i rename each screenshot to the information i have from my DataTable?

The Data in my Datatable in excel is
name, address, country
Jack, Ohio, United States

I would like to rename my screenshot of the URL to

Also, do you know if i can type into the last column of my DataTable as “Good” when the screenshot is taken?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @minthodology

For joining the DataRow Values and Store it in Single String Variable then do as below within Assign Activity :-

String str = String.Join(",",dataRowVar)

So for writing “Good” in Last Column u can use Write Cell Activity Within ForEachRow and pass the Column Character :-


Also you can refer the below post :-

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Hi there,

I have several rolls in my excel file. So pointing to A1 will only writes “good” at A1.
How can i use a counter to resolve this?

i tried to indicate the cell range as ““G2” + Counter.ToString”
and assign [counter = counter + 1] but it didnt work.

Hi @minthodology

You have to only do

Counter = Counter + 1

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