How to rename a file by UIpath?

Is there any way to implement the rename function?

Use hot keys to select that particular files and use F2 key for select and input you new file name and click enter

Hey Key,

you can use below activity


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Thanks reply!
But I hope to be implemented in the form of activity or code…


another way is to do is

Use Move File Activity.
In From section give the current path and in To path give the file path which you desire to do.

For Example:
From : D:\NewFileName.Xlsx
To: D:\NewFolder\NewFileName.Xlsx (Here Test is like your login name).


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It’s great!

actually for multiple files, it is not good practice to select file and send f2 and new filename in order to rename!!

In this video I do a lot of stuff with Files (Chapter included) :

4:30 Rename files with VB commands
6:00 Move files to do Rename

Cristian Negulescu