How to remove unused screenshots

How does one go about removing unused screenshots in UiPath StudioX?

Ummm …

For each file in \screenshots folder > Sort by oldest first
Delete [CurrentFile]

He’s talking about the .screenshots folder in your project where it stores the previews you see in your activities. He wants to delete just the unused ones (ie you added an activity, did “indicate on screen” which generated a screenshot, then deleted the activity).

Click this button on your Project tab:


I would have a bot do it for me :blush:

How would the bot know if the screenshot is being used by an activity or not?

We have moved several Automations around and never found any use for those screen shots.

Instead we rely mostly on annotations, comments, and labeling of activities in our flows.

Just too many image files that we don’t need being backed up .

Besides, there are other automation platforms that don’t rely on screenshots for their Automation flows other than those actually used in application functions such as finding a button or UI control element.

And finally about clicking that button on the UiPath UI to remove screenshots, I would ha e a bot to do that.

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Hi, that button is not present in StudioX

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