How to remove the spaces in the input of hashcode in assignment nr. 1?

This are my Assigns to three variables:
First Assign

Second Assign

Third Assign

Fourth Assign


and the formula is:

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Hi @Ionut_Istrate

Do you mean to remove all spaces from your input string?
You could use a simple syntax like this:
yourInputString.Replace(" ","")

This will replace all spaces by nothing, effectively removing them from your string.

Let me know if I misunderstood your request :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer, but my problem is when i put three variables together, like you see in_formula (last screenshot), there are space between values… i don’t want this… I want only the space between First and LastName (the middle part from first screenshoot)

You can also use .Trim to remove the spaces at the edges of your string, it would look like that:
varClientID.Trim + "-" + varClientName.Trim + "-" + varClientCountry.Trim


It Worked!!! Thank you very much!!! :sunglasses: