How to remove the Namespace from the project


I am getting an “ambiguous reference” error because of a namespace which was earlier added but later not used.

How can we remove the namespace?

I checked the xaml file as mentioned in the solution of one post in the forum but, that namespace is not showing up in that xaml as I have uninstalled the activity which was the source for this namespace.

Can anyone please help?

Below is the error and the screenshot of the xaml file


You could fix the ambiguous reference by just including a full reference rather than the shortened version. So for example write out uipath.core.businessruleexception rather than just businessruleexception

If you really need to remove a namespace, as far as i know the only way is to edit the .xaml directly. Open it up in notepad++ or similar and remove it from line1 and under the scg:List portion.

I personally would just use the full reference anywhere you’re running into the ambiguous reference error though

You can remove the assembly reference from the xaml file open it in note pad and remove the reference