How to remove the last digit in row data in excel?

Hi @All,

I have a data in excel one row,I need to remove the comma in that row

Hjkilds3,Kalstk4,Ijnmg7, — In excel I have data like this
I want to remove the comma in end of the row
It will be not fixed size.

HI @varunk

Try this out… I think it will solve your problem to remove the last character…

  1. Use a Read Range activity to read the excel onto a data table
  2. Use a For Each Row activity to loop through the data table to get the values of each row of a particular column
  3. Within the loop, apply the logic given in the xaml shared

you can use an assign activity
Remove(str.Length - 1)
row(“ColumnName”) = Remove(row(“ColumnName”).ToString.Length - 1)

Hope it helps!!

If this works for you, please mark the answer as the solution so that it could help others as well :slight_smile:


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Thanks for your help

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