How to remove the first 3 words in a string

Hey there guys i screen scraped a string and the only way i was able to split the string was to replace the keywords i was looking for with special characters plus the keyword, so one of the keywords is “Profile” and i replaced it with “*| Profile” and then i get the value that comes after. This method works for all of the other keywords but I get an exception for Profile because, I think it is because there are words that comes before it and the name is always going to be different. I feel it works for the others because there isn’t word before them. So the string looks like below: How do I remove everything before the “*|”. Thank you in advance!

Contact Info
Susy’s *| Profile
*| Email
*| Hired
Jan 4, 2023


Can you tell us what is the required output …that way we can procide better details…I see the same symbol in 3 places …which whole string you want to remove?

Can you show 2 sample inputs and expected output

This removes till the last


If needed only till profile

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(str,"[\s\S]*(?=\*\| Profile)","",RegexOptions.Multiline)


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hi @Anil_G , my goal is get the value, so in the case of Susy’s *| Profile i get ‘myprofile’ and for *|Email i get the value which ‘’ and for *| Hired i get the value also which is the date. The words "Contact Info’ will always be there and the name will always be there also but it will be different. So i want to get rid of for “Contact Info” and the name. Hope that helps! Thank you very much!


Please check my above response …I edited it to include what you needed

Please try and let me know if it works


hi there i used an assign activity and i changed the type to Regex but i get an exception:
Cannot assign from type “System.String” to type “System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex” in assign activity


The output of this will be a string only…dont chnage to regex or anything… str is the input string and newstring should be of type string again


that worked thank you!!

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