How to remove the exclamation ( Invalid L value expression) and how to overcome such difficulties in the beginning of the learning stage?

I just started using UiPath and i got an error in the first place. The same Invalid L value expression. What do i do? Even the file location is accurate . Still it shows the exclamation.!!

Please Help!!!

@afroz_123 output property of your activity should have string variable not string itself. Give some string variable to output property and check, it will clear your error.

I think you’re using the word activity “Read text”?

If so, your “Output” should be a variable e.g. like FileContents, you’ll need your “read text” activity within a word application scope and put the url of the .txt file in the word application scope.

Hi ,
There are two ways to read a text file.

  1. Use Read Text File activity to read the entire file and save that to a variable in content property.
  2. In the word application scope give the path of the file that you want to read and inside that use Read Text activity storing the output to a string. Read text activity reads the file which you have given in the word applications scope and save it to a string variable.