How to remove space after dash Assignment no1. Advanced training


Who can help me to remove space after dash. I described in attached document:
As you can see I have a space after the dash in the result of Assignment no1 Calculate hash client (see document). Strange, because as you can see below (see document), I have not included any space in the expression editor. Who can help me get this right. Because despite the fact that my robot is running perfectly, I cannot pass the assignment Calculation hash client.

Please who can help me with this.

Space after dash result Calculate Hash Client.pdf (140.9 KB)


Use Trim remove the spaces. It should be like this.


Where all these three variables are of type string.


Hello @lakshman,

I really thought that this would be the last to succeed for assigment 1. Unfortunately, the next result was frustrating and frustrating. Although the robot runs without issues. Do you know how I can solve the further?


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If possible could you record video of 1 or 2 records processing and share me that link with me. So that I can check and help you where it went wrong.

Hello @lakshman,

Can you use this url?:


I can see in the video and still spaces are there before hypen and because of that it got failed.

Could you please show me screenshot of your expression you are writing into SHA site.



Very strang when the Robots runs you see space when writing SHA site. But in result of Studio there is no space.

studio no space


Again run the BOT once again and see whether any extra spaces is there or not.

Try You can use Delay activity before clicking Hash code button.