How to remove rows whose index are more than 5

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I Need to remove rows whose index are more than 5, someone please help me how to do so??

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Clarification needed!

As you need to take the only 5 rows from the datatable?


yes correct

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This link would help you

refer points 14 and 15

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Use the expression below!


This will fetch only five rows from the datatable


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hi @HeartCatcher
if you need only 5 rows you can use something like this in assign activity

Dt2 = Dt1.Clone


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Hi @HeartCatcher,

Use an excel application scope inside it use Read Range to read the datatable say the datatable id DTBook.

use Assign activity in LHS use variable say DTModified with type as Datatable in RHS write something like DtBook.AsEnumerable().Take(5).CopyToDataTable()

which gives you DTModified = DtBook.AsEnumerable().Take(5).CopyToDataTable()
this will give you 5 rows from the starting of datatable