How to remove old data in scraping

Old data is also there when the data scraping happens. Not sure how to remove the old data and jus keep the new one.

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Can you try to put the following assign activity just before Extract Data Activity.

ExtractDataTable = Nothing


Or change variable scope of ExtractDataTable.


Data scraping doesn’t extract the old data all the time. Thanks for the help. I will try that. How will I know if the above activity works because the issue explained above is not occurring all the time?


I guess your problem is caused by Output-DataTable property is In/Out type argument (as the following image) and some data remains in ExtractDataTable variable.


The above assign activity always makes ExtractDataTable variable null and nothing is input to Extract Data activity.

If you want to check its effective, can you put WriteLine activity with the following expression just before the Assign? If data remains in it, the number will be 1 or more.

if(ExtractDataTable is Nothing,"",ExtractDataTable.Rows.Count.ToString)