How to remove multiple strings in excel

Hi, I am creating a robot where it reads data from 2 columns without header.

I managed to remove the spaces, however there are some strings such as “Billing dept”, “Name”, “Total by Sub BU”, “Total by Billing dept”. Is there any idea how?


I’m not quite sure if I followed your idea correctly after this:

Do you want to delete the string or do you want to remove the spaces in the string to turn them into something like “Billing dept” > “BillingDept”

Hi @TOBIAS_TOH_TENG_KIAT i am not cleared with your requirement

Can u explain it well please?


Perhaps below your main table, you have a couple of other tables.
The strings that you are seeing might be the headers of those secondary tables. It’s just an assumption

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Let me take a picture and post it, to get a better picture


So the excel sheet given is the screenshot above.

I will have to extract the data “10001145” and “Tampines Sec Sch” as it will be needed to generate a report. Is there any ways I can get them?


Did u tried using read range with range being specified


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Here is the working solution based on suggestion by @NIVED_NAMBIAR
You may need to update the variables RangeIndex and Range.

Note on example book1.xlsx:

  • RangeIndex is 3 which is the starting row
  • Range is “C3:D4” (9.9 KB)

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It’s working now. Cheers

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