How to remove multiple columns based on their names from an excel?

I have an excel file that has multiple empty columns, how can I remove those empty columns from this
OrderSummaries.xls (11.3 KB)
s excel file


can you give a try with this example?
Main.xaml (7.7 KB)


getting this error


Hey you should change the path of the documents in the read range activity and write range activity


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As I don’t know if these columns will always come blank, I created a workflow that will analyze all your columns and them check if the number of blank values are equal to the total rows, if its equal then the robot will delete the column.
In the end the robot will create a file_Filtered.xls

You can use it for other excel files too, just change the file path
Here is the code: (74.8 KB)

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This error occurs when the “Read Range” activity from the modern is used to read a .xls file
You can just change this Read Range to the Excel Application Scope + Read Range from the classic.

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