How to remove junk and only select the "Robot read" data?


Dear all,

  1. how can I make the robot to only read the code like the example in the picture?
  2. the robot will copy the code and paste it into system library for searching more details abt the product.


Is this data coming from Web browser ?

If yes then use Data scraping activity to scrape the data and use For Each Row activity to iterate that data.


The data is from excel actually. How can I make the robot to pick the code from the input and paste it into searching system?


If the above data is from Excel then use Read Range activity and will give you output as dataTable and then use For Each Row activity to iterate above dataTable and process in searching system.

ForEach row in dataTableName
row(“Robot read”).Tostring

Like this we have to process data in the Excel file.

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