How to remove common values of two datatables in specific column

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Yes you can remove the common values of two datatable in a specific column and kindly follow the below steps to resolve this

  1. first the get the first datatable from excel source using excel application scope and followed by read range activity or if you already have dt fine
  2. then for the second datatable as well
  3. now use a for each loop for the first datatable with foreach loop value - “row1” storing each datarow of the datatable
    4.use anther for each loop for second datatable within the already existing for each
    loop with value - “row2” , and this is done to find the common value between these two datatables of a particular column
    5…use a if condition activity,
    like row1(particularcolumname in table 1).equals(row2(particularcolumnname in table2)
    Then use a invoke method to delete the column value.
  4. this goes in a loop
    thats all buddy…you are done…

Hope this would help you

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