How to remove characters next to the mail?

Hi everyone,
After extraction of mail Field in PDF am getting like “ CST” how can remove that and out of 10PDFs only 3PDFs was coming like this.

Help me friends

Thanks in advance

Can you show that PDF?

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Please be a bit more specific

  • is the “ CST” coming in the subject text or sender’s info?
  • and I assume you have 10 PDF’s attached and are able to access only 3 ?

If you want to remove “ CST”, you can MyString.Replace(MyString,String.Empty) However, can you please be more specific with your question?

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@Shubham_Varshney when the time extraction of PDF’s. am Able to extract all pdfs but few file getting CST along with Mail…

@monsieurrahul I want to remove only CST thing from mail but all pdfs not getting CST only Few…

Hi @krishnareddy

String.Replace(“CST”,"") thats all.

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Happy learning :smiley: