How to Release/Clear object value for Invoke Method?

I have created JSON using Invoke Method in which there is a store value(JToken) from get text variable and run the same process again. But at the time of the second iteration, it’s showing the same name already exists. so, how to clear/release value(JToken) at the second iteration


can you share some more details related to your flow and code? thanks

I have performed data scraping from the website and scraped one Uielement using get text and perform the same thing for another user/another user login. so at the first time, there is creating JSON successfully using Invoke method but the second time or for the second user, there is showing error at Invoke method for cerate JSON on the same Uielement. so, there is not release or clear old object value after the first iteration

not sure if an invoke code is needed for this, maybe some screenshots of the flow will help.

However give a try on

  • resetting the variables to nothing/empty/default on begin of the iteration