How to release attended bot with resusable libraries

I created two libraries to be used in existed production bots. The bots are attended bots.
My question is how do I release the new version with the custom libraries I created to the client machines? I designated a directory for the libraries during design, then used the package manager to add new feeds. During QA testing, I instructed the Testers to create a directory matching what I have on my machine. However, the libraries packages failed to load on Testers’ studios. I re-installed the libraries from the Testers’ laptops, but I want to avoid this issue during production release, because there are few users of the bots.
What is the best way to create and use libraries during design and production release, and to ensure that the new libraries will be loaded and resolved?

I don’t have the environment in front of me right now. But If I recall right, you may need to configure Orchestrator feeds. This specific page has details on it.

Thanks and I hope this helps.

Did they add the feed (folder) to their Manage Packages window and then look in that feed?

It might be better to create a shared folder everyone can access, and have them add that shared folder to their feeds. Then you only have to manage packages in one folder, and they just automatically appear for your users.

Thank you guys for replying. Just to clarify a few things. There is no Orchestrator. Just the nuget package deployed to UiPath assistant/desktop agent.

@postwick Yes, the folder is located on the C drive and added to package manager on developer machine. After delivering the project to QA team for testing, I found out that the libraries are failing to resolve, even though the name and location are the same as the studio feeds in package manager.

The dependencies should come with the project (that’s why it’s .nupkg, everything is packaged up).

Are the users on an older version of Robot? For example, a v19.x Robot won’t be able to run automations built with the latest packages like UiPath.System.Activites v21.4.1

@postwick yes. The original release is version 19.x. In this case, we need to upgrade to v21.x? All the robots will be updated in this release as the users requested.

If the packages used in the project are beyond a certain version (not sure what exact version) then v19.x of Robot won’t be able to execute the job. Keep in mind that when you upgrade, the Robot task tray app is replaced with UiPath Assistant.

My studio version is v19.10.4. This is the version the original bots were built with. This same version was installed on the end-user’s machines and still used.
I updated some packages throught package manager to v21.4.1 but everything still works as expected. Is this good sign that the bots will still work on v19.10.4?

As you said, the package install failed for your users. Upgrade one of the users and then try it. My understanding is the 21.4.x packages won’t work with Robot v19.

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