How to release a Studio license from Orchestrator?

I need to release a Studio license facilitated by Orchestrator, so that the license can be available to a new user.
I see the active license status in License->Studio Concurrent, but there is no way to disable it?
If I click the License->Unattended there is an easy option to do this.

Orchestrator On-premis 2020.4.3

Hi @Ferdinand ,

Take a Look at the below Documentation on Managing the Licenses related to the 2020.4.3 Orchestrator Version.

Let us know if this doesn’t help.

I followed the instructions and logged onto the Tenant admin site, but I don’t get the option to Allocate a license.

On the Tenants site it’s listed 3 Studio licenses, but the menu choice is only Enable, Disable and Enable/Disable features.

There is no “See more” option on the License page either.
I logged on as admin user.
EDIT: The Tenant page says “Licence expired” at the bottom, but we do have Orchestrator license ofc. Our production Orchestrator on the same server works fine.