How to register on website using reframework

Hi Team,

I need to develop code using ReFramework in which I need to register on particular webpage by entering some input data like fname, lname,userid etc. This input data will come in excel file and once registration will done then maintain all this userid status in excel like success/failure/pending.

Pls help on this.

In init—>> read input file send it to Queue
In Process----->> Do registration on website and handle exception for failure or success
In End Process ---->>Write full data table with status

Tks for reply but could you please provide code for this.

Yes I can may you please provide sample website and excel

ur mail id or contact number?

I can’t share on this.

Hi Divyanshu

U can use gmail site and just enter some Fname,LName,UserID using excel.

They will block my ip if I do multiple hits from same IP

Hi @Kaushal_Maru ,

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i would suggest you to look into the tutorials and Academy training on RE frame work to implement your use case and if you face any issues while creating RE process for your use case please let us share here in the post so that all our forum members would happy to help you out. if you create your workflows on your own will give better understanding on the frame work and good learning for you. please refer the below link for some guidance. Thanks.

Hi @Kaushal_Maru

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In addition to what @kirankumar.mahanthi1 mentioned, please go through the below video tutorials which will definitely give you deep understand about the RE Framework.

When we are coming to Re Framework, its important to understand the significance of each state (Init,Get Transaction Data, Process and End Process) as well as about Dispatcher and Performer concept.

We are recommend start work on the latest version of Re Framework.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.