How to refresh my excel file with Uipath ?

I would like to refresh my excel file before processing

What you mean for refresh?

refresh the whole sheet

Hi @Nightowl_music Is your excel file connected to some data source or it have pivot tables, why you want to refresh it ?

no it’s on my windows pc in a folder path

I am still not getting why you want to refresh it? we usually use refresh option in case of pivots or data source.

Please clarify so that i can help you.

im opening excel with Excel Application Scope, then I want to refresh the sheet. so pretty easy I think.

Sorry but i am not getting it.
The Refresh i understand in excel is shown below.
Not sure if you are talking about this.

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yes that’s it

In this case, You can use send hotkey

For this you have below activity

If this doesn’t work for you then you can use macro code.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
'PURPOSE: Run Data tab’s Refresh All function when file is opened


MsgBox “Stock Data has been refreshed!”

End Sub

don’t know how to build that to be honest

Is activity not worked for you ?

You can use a Send Hot Key as mentioned by @ganesh4.



Then monitor the messages that will appear here:


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no don’t know how to build it