How to reference to each Excel and csv files in Uipath?

Currently, we are creating a Work Flow that pastes the contents of a CSV file into Excel.
However, as shown in the figure, if I use another scope in the Excel application scope, I cannot use the external Excel and cannot paste the CSV file.

I would like to paste the new CSV file data under the previously pasted CSV file data, so is there any good way to manipulate not only the current CSV file but also the Excel file?

・Why not use merge activities?
At first I used merge, but the amount of data in all the CSV files was so large that Studio stopped in the middle and I couldn’t do the pasting process.

Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin

Please check below things,

  1. The error object reference not set to an instance of an object will occur when the variable you are passing is empty.

  2. Is Csvtable is the output of read range activity, and could you give range as “” and not empty.

  3. Where is the exceltable (datatable) coming from?

  4. And what is the expression written on write range activity (in sheet name)

Before write range put 3 message box and check which one is getting faulted,

  1. Csvcount
  2. Expression used in write range.
  3. Exceltable.rows.count.tostring


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I checked these three topic. Then I find out ExcelTable doesnt have instance.

I created read range for ExcelTable.
and then the error is solved.

thank you very much

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Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin

Glad your issue is resolved, please mark the solution on appropriate topic so in future everyone can make us of it.


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