How to reduce File size(.pdf files) if greater than 5MB?

Hi @Murli_Manohar,

Refering to your Image 1: What is the right hand side of this assign? I am suspecting the issue may very well be here as this is later used as in_OutputFileFullPath and OutputFile variables.


Other logic looks ok to me.

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Hi @Murli_Manohar,

So what was the reason for the error? If you fixed it, do mention here so people who use this approach know of it.

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Hi @jeevith ,

Sorry for the late response, the issue is resolved now. The reason for the issue is like, if the ghostscript is installed in one of our drive, then the path of the files need to be present in another drive i.e., I have installed the ghostscript in my Drive:D, and workflow also in the same drive and I have saved the input file and output file in the documents folder present in Drive:C, so when I run it, the logic works fine and also even in loop it works fine no issues are been raised.

Thank you very much for your time and helping me out. It was very useful and challenging also.


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