How to recovery deleted Execution Logs

Hello! I have a problem. I have to review a robot execution and mistakenly I deleted part of its content.
The file that I need in his original version is this:


Do you know How can I recovery the original version?

I work with Notepad++ to open Logs and I dont use orchestrator, only attended robot

Thank you!

Hi @Emilia_Mariela ,

If you have access to SQL server, you can also retrieve logs from there.

Hi thank you for answer! Where can I find the SQL server? Windows or Uipath folders?


To start in a simple way check in recycle bin


First check in this folder where logs gets saved as well


Check with SQL Database connected to your orchestrator
Because Logs can be sent to ElasticSearch, a local SQL database


If the automation is for some organization then ask them to install and config it.

As they are only the right person to provide you username and password for server authentication.