How to recover process from the last Status


I want to know how to recover a process from one point (Last update checkpoint) ?
In BluePrism there is the possibility to use the status of the Item to recover from the last Status updated.
Is there an similar approch in UiPath?


Hi @ayyoub,
Let me try to put understanding here… To my knowledge, there is no such thing in UiPath where you can start the process from middle or half way… Instead we can implement some business logic that decides the bot where to start processing from…
For example,
We have 1000 records in an excel sheet… and for every record in the sheet , we are updating status of that record in a column (let’s say “Status”). And after some 300 records bot stopped due to some error. In the re-run case, we have to implement a logic such that bot will not directly start processing the first record but the the record with no value in status column will be considered first… this way we can achieve the expected result.

Just tried in my way… please let me know if you need anything more…

Best Regards,
Santosh Pothina


Thanks for your answer,
In my Case I can’t update the items :frowning: .

Best regards