How to recover a flow, from where it left off?

given that I don’t have much experience, I would need to understand how to create flows that can resume working from where they left off, unexpectedly.

I’m not new and taking my first steps in building bots.
I have learned something in recent months, but I still don’t have the skills to work on some aspects.
I have created bots that work correctly from start to finish, but if in an unexpected way, they go into error, (fortunately it happens rarely) the bot does not resume the interrupted processing, but continues leaving unaligned what remains behind.

I’m talking about those flows which, starting from a list of IDs (for example), must perform some operations for each element in the list.
It happens that sometimes it goes wrong, and when the bot restarts it pulls out the list again, and practically either starts from scratch, or goes on without fixing the badly worked ID.

Does anyone know how to make a bot that tracks each step and can pick up where it left off?
Maybe leaning on some DBs, tracing the phases?
Can anyone help me please?

If you have any flow that I can try to analyze to understand how it is designed …?
thanks a lot!!

Hi @AaronMark,
Exception Handling should be the first “Go To” solution (Both Global and Try Catch).

If this is not a good solution for you, probably a DB (or even an excel) where the bot traces its activities could be a solution. You should also use a global exception handler to catch the exception dettails.

If the second solution is what suits you best, i suggest to make the process a State Machine.

Sorry i don’t have something really interesting right now to show these 3 solutions