How to record clicking a button on Excel




How can I record clicking a button which is on Excel? I tried some as follows but couldn’t.

  • Recording>Basic>Click
  • Recording>Desktop>Click

Uipath highlites a whole sheet but I think it should be able to select ONLY a button.

I have two types of button, doesn’t work for both;

  • a button as a Form Control
  • a button as an ActiveX Control


エクセル上のボタンの認識について - Grasp a button on Excel

Instead of clicking the button, maybe you could use the “Execute Macro” activity and assign the macro of the button to it.


I already tried that and found works well, but our users say they want to use an existing button, mainly because it’s easy way to automate their routines.


Does this issue depend on a Excel version? My Excel is 2010. Do other versions work well?