How to recognize that an image is inverted i.e. upside down

I am working on a scenario to get three pdf files. which have issues like skewed, portrait or landscape and inverted. I have use export pdf to image activity to get converted pdf to images after that I have used load image and pass the output to variable to get skew activity… However I am unable to recognize inverted image as skewed value for that document is 0.
Sample image is attached. I want to recognized this image and print a log message.
teesaract-ocr stopped

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Hi @enthusiastic
did u followed this thread?

Nived N

yes I have reviewed it. But did not deal with my situation. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Thank You

Hello @enthusiastic

Please check the workflow that I have designed with a very basic approach.

Inverted Image.xaml (10.7 KB)
script.txt (159 Bytes)

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Thank you. I will definitely try to execute your code, and will update you soon.

did you change the condition in Do While and If?

I have just change the image path. In script and load image

The text obtained in output, does it contains “Search” word?

No brother. Its a garbage value. I am unable to understand it. But it does not contain search.

I have change the OCR and now extracted values are readable. But the image is in landscape form.
I want to rotate it completely in portrait form.

Inverted Image.xaml (10.7 KB)

try with this xaml
can you send me the script
need to see the path

the script looks fine. The workflow is working fine on my system. It rotates the image in the portrait format and gives the text.

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Does it rotates completely on first run. Because when I run for second time it gives me portrait image.

Both xaml are same. Didn’t see any difference.

Try it

What is version of UiPath Studio and the version of packages shown in the project panel?
Meanwhile I am looking at the xaml

The version is same.
Try by saving the image in another folder (Not in Uipath folder, but some other).

I have placed the document in an other folder. But results are same. It rotates and extracts the value. But the image is not in portrait form.


Give it a last try.
Attached zip file is the whole project folder
In the Test folder there is the same inverted image
No need to change anything
Just run the file “Inverted Image.xaml”
First check the image if it is inverted or not and then after execution check again
Also correct text must be displayed
I hope it should work this time (73.9 KB)

Will give it a try.