How to recognize "ctrl+P" by using record

Below mention screenshot , i have try by using record option up to print option it is working after that selector is not recognized and i am facing the problem.
i need to solve this problem, please help me to solve this problem.

Actually what i need is the process below mentioned.

Process steps:

1.100 hyperlink urls
2.while click on one hyperlink it redirects to new tab, select print and save as pdf in one folder. this all 100 hyperlinks save as pdf and store in one folder.

please help me in this issue.

continue for above problem

screen shot for continue above problem

Hi you can achieve this By using Send hot Key:

  1. Alt+f (opens settings in chrome)
    2.Ctrl+p (Print)


open recording sequence, drag and drop send hot key activity from activity pan to the desired place

and now you are able to send any input key!!