How to Receive a DataTable from a Oracle DB procedure


I have the following issue calling a Oracle procedure(Storedprocedure in Oracle:slight_smile:)

I have Done the following

  • Created a Database connection to Oracle. This Works.
  • Created a Execute Query function
  • Set the commandType=Storedprocedure
  • Set Inputparamter
  • So far so good it all works until now.
    No comes the part that do not work:slight_smile:

*The Oracle procedure is trying to give me an Ref_Cursor as output, but I do not know to the get that. I have tried the following.

*Set output parameter to Dataset but that does not work I get invalid string length from the Oracle.
*not setting a Output parameter hoping that the output goes to the datatable but that did not work either:slight_smile:

I hope somebody can help me either in UIpath or tips for creating a oracle procedure that UIpath can handle as datatable.


Hi @Ole_Jorgensen - Did you find the solution for this issue. We in our project are also facing the same issue. Looking for immediate assistance. Please respond if you have a solution

Can you share the actual call you made within the execute query function? I would like to know how parameters are passed (both in and in/out).