How to rearrange the value-by-[row to value-by-column?

See the attached images below.


Is it possible to rearrange the values of the data table obtained through web data scraping in the column direction as in the image?

What activity should I put after the Extract Structured Data activity in the Flowchart?

Hi @greenlee

You can use this custom activity package for transpose the datatable.


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Download DataTable activities package from UiPath Market place and install it in studio. And then use Transpose DataTable activity to convert Rows to Columns and Vice versa.


You respond very quickly and accurately. It’s like AI.
I’ll give it a try and post the results here.

Thank you so much.

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Good overview contents.

Thank you so much, lakshman.

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Hi @greenlee ,

If you want to write everything from scratch then you can follow below thread.


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Hi @prasath_S and @lakshman,

I used your both transposed activities and succeeded them. But When I tried to append the transposed datatable(ExtractDT_clm in this case) to “Case Expression2.csv” I failed. I didn’t know why.

I would be very grateful if you could try the attached project below and let me know the solution.

한식메뉴사전 (1.4 MB)

Hi @greenlee

What error you are getting?

Also could you share the screenshots of the workflow, because I can’t download the file in my laptop due to restrictions.


No error message.
The result csv file was not touched.

@greenlee please check the following things,

  1. Drag a output datatable activity and pass the input (output of extract table activity) and store it a string.

Put a message box and check if the data ks scrapped correctly.

  1. After transpose activity activity also do the same logic (input of output datatable activity will be output of transpose datatable activity) and check if the values are coming.

  2. And if everything comes correctly use write range activity and write the datatable to excel instead of append CSV (for testing).


I passed the upper 2 comments and checked its doing correctly. But I got a blank ‘result.xlsx’

Where is the Extractdt_clm comes from?
Put a message box before excel application scope and give Extractdt_clm.rows.count.tostring

I got ‘0.’

The excel is blank because the datatable is empty (had 0 rows only).

Could you show the transpose datatable properties panel.

Have you store the output in a variable extractdt_clm


Options/Addheaders checked in ‘Write Range’ activity gives one row in result.xlsx correctly. I think it recognizes the data of ExtractDT_clm as header.

Is your excel had only one column? or it has multiple columns


multiple one like the below;

Is the excel file contains only headers or it has multiple rows in it?

Just now I noticed, you are getting the datatable extractdt from extract datatable activity,so how many rows and columns you are getting in that datatable,

You can check by

Row count Extractdt.rows.count.tostring

Column count


The result.xlsx shows the sheet like above one, with just one row.