How to read the tables in PDF file which is attached in a mail?

I am reading mail attachment which is a PDF file. I have to read the contents of that file and need to save in excel file. Read PDF allows me to read all content where as I need to save specific contents of that file to excel. Sharing the screenshot of PDF here. This file contains 3 tables and I need to save all three tables in three separate sheets. All three tables can contain dynamic rows and columns. How can I achieve it ?

Document 2 :

Did you tried extract structured data

I tried screen scrapping. it is returning me the result for 1st and 3rd table. But there is an issue with second table. The second table contain the list of inventory. The number of items in this list is not fixed thus it is getting difficult to scrap this data.

Data scrapping is not working in this context . It shows following error .


I tried for extract structured data. But it is also not working.l opened the PDF in PDF reader instead of browser.

I managed to get the table content by using Read PDF and finding indexes of fist table last word of table content(viz fixed for one particular template.) If there is any generic way please let me know.