How to read the -COM object returned from invoke VBA activity as a Collection?



I m trying to retrieve the cell addresses which contains a particular text. The VBA is returning a collection and the activity gets it as a COM_Object so far. But I do not understand how to convert it into a collection again. I have included an assign activity to convert it as a collection:

CType ( COMObject , collection)

But it gives a error saying it can not convert it into a collection again. So Would you please help me to read this output object?

> Function findcellFunction(ByAmount As Integer)As Collection
> 	'On Error Resume Next
>     Dim rngX As Range			
> 	Dim WS As Worksheet
> 	Dim datax As Range
> 	Dim cellAddress As Variant
> 	Dim index As Integer
> 	Dim iTotal As Integer
> 	Dim CellArray 
> 	iTotal = 0
> 	Set CellArray = New Collection
> 	'Iterate until all cell values are found
> 	For index=1 To Amount
> 		Set rngX = Worksheets("rptBOMColorPrint").Range("A1:EZ50").Find("Colour Name", lookat:=xlPart)
> 		If Not rngX Is Nothing Then
> 		MsgBox "Found at " & rngX.Address
> 		CellArray.Add rngX.Address
> 		End If
> 		Cells(rngX.Row,rngX.Column).Delete
> 		iTotal =iTotal + index
> 	Next index
> 	'shows list that has been populated with cell addresses
> 	For Each cellAddress In CellArray
> 	MsgBox "list populated " & cellAddress
> 	Range(cellAddress).Value = "Colour Name"
> 	Next
> 	Set findcellFunction= CellArray
> End Function

find cell address.xaml (9.7 KB)


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